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Music as Fuel, Sun Ra Nostalgia
I found myself alone and abandoned by everyone with a "max4live" Ableton license which opens up almost infinite portable studio and live electronics managed by the player (with a sound knowledge of the software). The accompanying parameters are programmed so that the computer takes a few aesthetic and musical decisions in closely defined limits. The repertoire consists of memories of youth. Everything is recorded in one shot. My son Leo Brunet help me to the guitar on "Space is the place". "Music as fuel" is a Sun Ra concept. This music was recorded between 5 and 20 February 2011 Thank you for listening to this disc released so far only virtual

"Etienne Brunet"

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Last Login: 29-Apr-2011 12:24:15 PM
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Member Since 29-Apr-2011 12:24:15 PM
Band Website Music as Fuel, Sun Ra
Record Label Madeleine Virtuelle

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[Fri, 29 Apr 2011 11:36:51 +0200]
Music as fuel, Sun Ra Nostalgia

Photos de François Planche.

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   About Music as Fuel, Sun Ra Nostalgia
Artist: Etienne Brunet
Label: Madeleine Virtuelle

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