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Experimental / Alternative / Caca


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Last Login: 19-Aug-2010 12:28:07 AM
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Member Since 19-Aug-2010 12:28:07 AM
Band Website Merde!.tk
Record Label Wwilko

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[Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:44:37 +0100]

Jean-Louis Costes
" dansez dans les culs "
LP 12"(ww015)

My rythm box had been broken for 5 years. So I was doing noise songs, completly unstructured. Then I got fed up. I fancied making nice tunes, proper verses and refrains , to make hits and sell loads of records. I bought myself a rythm box and even a machine which does electro by the kilometer. That's how"Dansez dans les culs" was born. It's more clean and you can dance on it . Certain notes really sound the type you might remember and sing all day long in your head. There's also some gross sex words ... Don't know if it will be enough to sell million.


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Artist: Costes
Label: Wwilko

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