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#999 321
Polunsky Unit D.R.

"Turner, Carlton Aker"

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Last Login: 27-Sep-2007 01:05:37 PM
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Member Since 27-Sep-2007 01:05:37 PM
Band Website #999
Record Label Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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 \ … The Whole Universe! \


Dedicated to:

To all those close to me who didn’t care.

This never ever would have been possible

without you!


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[Fri, 03 Aug 2007 19:04:57 +0200]

Do Not Execute Carlton Turner!

Do Not Execute Carlton Turner!

Carlton Turner, TX

September 27, 2007
On September 27, 2007, the state of Texas is set to execute Carlton Turner for the August 8, 1998 murders of Carlton Turner Sr., and Tonya Turner. 

The state of Texas should not execute Turner for his role in this crime. Executing Turner would violate the right to life as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and constitute the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. He was convicted of killing his adopted parents.  Turner had a long history of violence. He claims that he was abused by his parents which led to him committing the murders.

Please write to Gov. Rick Perry on behalf of Carlton Turner!

I opened my eyes and opened all the lies

Inhaled the stench of lives of peasants I despise

As they thrived I could hear their meek cries

Yet, they were great size for what was inside …

A desolate Void crowned by a pin-prick of substance

Countless dead stars gravitated to this soulless diminutive sphere

Their whole existence validated by this Illusion of Life

Their Messiahs and prophets killed by their own hands


Illumination helped me to behold …

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Artist: Turner, Carlton Aker
Label: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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