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Power Of Source
Scientologist JAZZ

"The Apollo Stars"

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Last Login: 19-Aug-2010 07:13:39 AM
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Member Since 19-Aug-2010 07:13:39 AM
Band Website Power Of
Record Label Church of Scientology

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[Fri, 17 Aug 2007 21:13:44 +0200]
Apollo Stars - Power Of Source (1974)

private press, released by L.Ron Hubbard

Probably the weirdest record as far as the story behind it I own!

Amazing L. Ron Hubbard Scientology funky jazz ensemble from '74, all over the place with a great garage "playing over our heads" feel. The fact that this band was assembled to gather recruits with free "rock concerts" round the world makes it even better.

Recorded on the Apollo ship which the Scientologists lived on in the early 70's cuz they where banned from about every country around the globe. look at them now!

I've included some text files, one except from a book on Hubbard talking about how screwed up the situation was around this band and how folks thought they where the CIA when they'd pull into port and play on the deck of the ship.. Awsome stuff.

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Artist: The Apollo Stars
Label: Church of Scientology

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