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IMVEEU - The Stormblades
IMVU Developers and role players

"Paige Stormblade"

Profile Views: 3028

Last Login: 26-Feb-2012 09:24:55 PM
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   IMVEEU - The Stormblades General Info
Member Since 26-Feb-2012 09:24:55 PM
Band Website IMVEEU - The
Record Label Anarchy Productions Unlimited

Paige Stormblade's Latest Blog Entry
[Sat, 18 Sep 2010 22:14:43 +0200]
IMVEEU.COM Information

IMVEEU --- Is Not an Official IMVU Related site.

We are a simply just imvu developer who has made an imvu group for users of all in imvu to enjoy, many have to surf the net for cool imvu stuff or make uses to. No other developers offer what we have for over 6 years. How do we find the time? We don’t it's just me Paige. I do have a few new staff members but none of them are at work just yet. Soon very soon we will be fully running.

How IMVEEU name was thought of

It's funny in a way how the name came about

Taken from the word envy sounding from some people who talk fast sounding either with an -n- or a -m- calling it emvey making it as i =m as > em -- e v y as vee -- you from I - envy you.
Statement giving us IMVEEU.

We didn’t want to sound or be like imvu,

We wanted a place social for users of imvu to come and help in a way as a contributor, helping all and giving all a place to make uses to use on imvu.

All is welcome developers and users.

This is a sharing place, a whole site given to share ideas and designs as well in to helping others, without the need to be of greedy wants.
Request developers work either way it’s about imvu users and developers helping one another.

New users may find developing is their place so they will be helped we have that time here.

The site is worked up to be used as a place for resources for imvu uses. You can’t seem to find imvu information that is not provided or easy to understand, we will narrow down how to's and make them easy and short to the point, simplify them and get you set up on a quick and easy step of needs to your wants in help.

We will be offering a load of imvu resources including our own, and our own projects in the works, not even yet to be seen on site.

A light chat in turn that is now open as beta to be used. IGCN Chat with options of both Voice & Video.

We give free stuff away

Make a FREE Blog on us for your products and or developments or whatever your desire is even as a user of imvu, got an rp family this works well.

>>IMVEEU Free Blog Hosting click here for the bogger in you or just simply make your blog in to a working site or group .

Support of imvu

When signing up to any parts of imveeu please use your Current IMVU user name so we can promote you as a developer or as a user, and also add on staff to help within our communities including the imvu rooms we have on imvu as well.

We would like to be in ties to imvu as a resource center or community that you can make uses that imvu has to offer.

We simply just provide tips, tricks, hints, or support for the imvu program and its users, home page codes a blog hosted by us as a blogger or a person needing some place to set up a free site with the blog options.

What's New!

IGCN Chat Program for IMVEEU Users to communicate with one another. For when you don’t want to be on imvu or just chat and be on imvu either way we did it, we connected to the GCN Services, GCN is an old friend and partner so we brought you IGCN

"International Global Chat Network"


IMVEEU Has changed formats to expand its sites and re work its systems.
We will still offer what we had before this new system but better.

We decided to change formats to our own operations due to an issue of the last place we were at as a network. We wanted better control and add more features to expand our community here.

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   About IMVEEU - The Stormblades
Artist: Paige Stormblade
Label: Anarchy Productions Unlimited

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